On-campus Outpatients Services

Outpatient Schedule

* The doctors of this semester are family medicine and general medicine doctors, if you have other medical needs, you can still come, and the doctor may give you advice or referral to other medical facility according to your situation.

Q: Who can use the service? What should I bring? How much does it cost?

A: Recipient: CYCU students, employees and employee’s family members.

        Identity documents:  1.Students: Student ID  2.Employees and the family members: Staff ID, or notify employees’ name.

        Cost: Free.

Q: What should I do when I feel sick during non-working hours?

A: Non-urgent situations – There is Observation Room for clients with only mild symptoms.

        Urgent situations – May referral you to other medical facilities.

Here are the medical facilities nearby CYCU below.

  Students who need to take a “exam leave”, please apply the diagnosis certificates from “public hospitals” or “teaching hospitals”.

        Since we are a non-profit registered medical unit, so we do not provide diagnosis certificates.

  Other inquiries please contact the case officer – RN. Chang (Ext. 2163).

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