Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to apply for an event?

To organize any event, the club needs to follow the steps below:

Fill out the online event application form and prepare a detailed event proposal, including the purpose of the event, date, time, venue, expected number of participants, and other relevant details.

Print out the event application form and event proposal.

Obtain the signature of the club advisor on the printed documents.

Submit the signed event application form and event proposal to the Extracurricular Activities Division for review and approval.

Once the event application is approved, the club can proceed with organizing the event according to the proposed plan.

How to apply for event funding?

After the event is completed, within 10 days, attach the eligible receipts to the expenditure voucher and fill out the online expense report. Print out the filled expense report and submit it to the club advisor for signature. Then, submit the signed expense report to the designated department, usually the Course Instruction Division, for funding application.

How to borrow equipment for an event?

The equipment provided by the Extracurricular Activities Division is only available for club activities. If you need to borrow equipment, please submit an equipment request online along with your event application. If the quantity of equipment requested exceeds the borrowing limit for each club, you can inquire at the Course Instruction Division on the day of the event to check if there are any remaining equipment available for additional borrowing.

How to apply for Holistic Education Certification?

Each member who participates in club activities can request the club president or the overall coordinator to certify their participation after the event. Otherwise, if you wait until the last minute before graduation or when applying for further studies, you may encounter situations where the club president or overall coordinator has already graduated, which could make the certification process complicated and time-consuming.
Students can also log in to iTouch -> Life -> Whole Person Development Certification -> Print Personal Certification Summary to check if their participation in the activities has been certified.

Why should you join a club? What are the benefits of joining a club?

  1. Learn skills and cultivate legitimate interests.
  2. Build interpersonal relationships.
  3. Learn time management.
  4. Cultivate a healthy personality and proactive spirit.
  5. Comprehensive development, implementing whole person education.
  6. Develop practical experience and career exposure.

How to choose the type of club to join?

  1. Consider your personal temperament, whether you prefer quiet or active activities.
  2. Align with your own interests.
  3. Continue with clubs that are similar to what you participated in during high school.
  4. Embrace challenges and cultivate new interests.

How can I join a club or learn more about clubs?

Every year during the freshman orientation period, the Extracurricular Activities Division and the Student Association hold a “Club Fair,” where almost all clubs set up booths. You can take this opportunity to browse through all the clubs and if you find a club you’re interested in, you can join on the spot with the warm invitation from the club seniors. The membership process may vary depending on each club’s regulations, so feel free to inquire and join the club of your choice.

How to establish a club?

  1. Within one month after the midterm exams of each semester, 11 students should sign and fill out an application form for club establishment.
  2. Submit the application form to the Extracurricular Activities Division and request the approval of the President through the Dean of Student Affairs.
  3. After obtaining approval from the President, the initiators should draft the club’s constitution and begin the preparatory work, including publicly recruiting members.
  4. With the school’s approval, hire a part-time faculty member (or advisor) from the school to serve as the club’s advisor.
  5. According to the constitution, elect club leaders and officers.
  6. Prepare the club’s constitution, officer list, member roster, and records of general meetings, and submit them to the Office of Student Affairs for approval and issuance of the club’s official seal.
  7. For detailed regulations, please refer to the Regulations for Extracurricular Activities for Students provided by the Extracurricular Activities Division.
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