Environment Service-Learning

Environmental Service Learning Courses:

  • The Environmental Service Learning (1) and (2) refer to the required zero-credit curriculum for two semesters.
  • The minimum passing grade for the courses is 60. Those who fail the courses shall re-take the courses and may graduate after passing the courses for two semesters, and must complete the “Environmental Service Learning (1)” and “Environmental Service Learning (2)” successfully.
  • The course includes three areas: environment, service, and learning. The course runs for 12 weeks per semester, with one hour of class per week. Students are also responsible for cleaning the public areas of the campus or doing outdoor cleaning.
  • Environment:

Not only cleaning the campus,but also caring about the living environment.

  • Service:

The Chung Yuan Christian University is our second home as students. Through outdoor cleaning, we maintain the environment around us and serve the residents or businesses in the community, allowing students to reflect on the importance of reciprocity.

  • Learning:

The course enables students to learn punctuality, cooperation, and responsibility.

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