Established in 2016

Purpose of Establishment:

The center aims to pursue the school-running spirit of “True Knowledge and Practice, Enlighten Culture and Serve Mankind”, integrate internal and external resources, develop the characteristics of multiculturalism on campus, respect multiculturalism and take care of ethnic minorities, implement the service work of indigenous students and become a base for promoting indigenous culture.With the goal of enabling students to study with peace of mind and building a friendly campus with ethnic culture, we can deepen the identification with tribal culture, continue the tribal spirit, and regain the connection with the tribe, so as to cultivate outstanding talents who can bring opportunities for the creation of the tribe.


Past Directors:

Now:Wen-Hui Chang
Fourth: Jo-Ku Tseng
Third : Ling-Ling Wang
Second :Yeong-Tyi Day
First: Ding-Wuu Wu

Distinguised University of Indigenous Sutdent Resource Center, 2022

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